New BAC supercar to be unveiled at Monterey Car Week


Briggs Automotive Company, known as BAC, is almost ready to launch its third car to follow the Mono and the Mono R.

Not much is known about the new BAC model, which will be shown off at Monterey Car Week, but the Merseyside company has confirmed it will be a single-seat, supercar design, like the Mono. BAC also says the new car is “engineered to deliver a contrasting ‘behind-the-wheel’ experience to that of its Mono R sibling.” 

A shadowy teaser image of the car depicts a stripped-back, focused sports car shape, similar to the Mono. We can expect it to do without a windscreen and roof with much of the car’s inner-workings on display in the name of saving weight. BAC claims it will still maintain the “marque’s legendary scintillating performance, power and handling attributes.”

That likely means we’ll see it utilise the Mono R’s 2.5-litre, four-cylinder engine. In the Mono R the engine is rated to 343bhp, but it could potentially increase for this new model.  

BAC says the new car adds a “new dimension” and reinforces the “upwards trajectory of the ultra-luxury lifestyle marque”. To this end it’s fair to assume the new BAC will gain a few more creature comforts compared to previous Monos to make it easier to drive – if not live with everyday.

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