The Latest Car Trends That Need To Disappear For Good


Trends are an awful ploy of capitalism. An evil plan that we all buy into, one way or another and, we’ve convinced ourselves that we have a good reason. The following are the latest car trends that need to disappear for good because they are wildly unnecessary.

Evgeny Tchebotarev

Fake Exhausts Systems

Cars should either have an exhaust or not. The idea sort of makes sense for hatchbacks created to look like sports cars but performance cars have real exhausts. The new Audi S6 is a diesel engine with an exhaust like it includes V8 petrol and the exhausts are huge.

While we are at it, let’s not forget to also get rid of the fake exhaust noises through the internal speakers. BMW does this a lot, and car buffs can’t tell the difference.

Lance Anderson

Climate Control On Touchscreens

Touchscreens provide that extra feel for luxury, which is one of the main reasons folks upgrade their cars most of the time, instead of actually needed a new ride. Except now, manufacturers are taking the touchscreen add-on’s too far and putting everything on those mini computers.

Changing climate temperature in your car is now a fight to click as many buttons as you can before you reach the next light, you are better off getting your temperature just right before you start driving. But God forbid, you need to touch that screen for something while on the road, you might as well ask whoever is in the passenger seat. Touchscreens are great but nobs are still necessary.

Obi Onyeador

Too Many Gears

Gearboxes are optima. They serve a great purpose and keep the engine running–great for the economy and performance. But where is the line drawn? Six gears are normal but some cars have ten gears.

It’s confusing and leaves more room for the car to lag or mess up gears entirely, which can be very dangerous. Also, gears are heavy and might affect car efficiency. None of this is worth it folks.

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