Saint John’s University, nestled in Collegeville, Minnesota, is a private Roman Catholic university known for its academic excellence, spiritual values, and community focus. Founded in 1857 by Benedictine monks, the university has grown to become a respected institution, embracing the Benedictine values of hospitality, stability, and respect for all.

History and Founding:

Established by Benedictine monks in 1857, Saint John’s University began with a commitment to education and service. The monks, led by Father Cornelius Wittmann, laid the foundation for an institution that would play a vital role in the local community and beyond.

Academic Excellence:

Saint John’s offers a diverse range of undergraduate and graduate programs, emphasizing a well-rounded education. The university’s focus on liberal arts education promotes critical thinking and communication skills, preparing students for successful careers and a lifelong love of learning. The College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Theology and Seminary, and the School of Education contribute to a comprehensive curriculum.

Campus and Facilities:

Set on 2,700 acres of beautiful land, the campus features a blend of modern and historic buildings, including the iconic Abbey Church designed by Marcel Breuer. The serene environment enhances the learning experience, with state-of-the-art academic buildings, residence halls, and recreational facilities.

Benedictine Values:

The Benedictine values, instilled by the monks, are at the heart of Saint John’s identity. Values like hospitality, stewardship, and social justice create a welcoming and compassionate community. The Benedictine influence extends to campus culture, shaping students not only academically but also spiritually and ethically.

Spiritual Development:

Spiritual growth is a priority at Saint John’s. The School of Theology and Seminary offers programs in theology and ministry, complemented by campus ministry initiatives, retreats, and spiritual formation opportunities. Students are encouraged to explore and deepen their faith in a supportive environment.

Community Engagement:

Beyond academics, Saint John’s emphasizes community engagement and service. Students are actively encouraged to participate in service-learning opportunities, volunteer programs, and community service projects. The university’s commitment to social responsibility reflects its Benedictine values and encourages students to contribute meaningfully to society.


Saint John’s University, with its rich history and commitment to education, spirituality, and community engagement, stands as a place of holistic development. The university’s approach to education, vibrant campus life, and dedication to forming well-rounded individuals ensure its continued success in shaping future leaders. As Saint John’s evolves, its enduring commitment to intellectual curiosity, spiritual growth, and community connection positions it as a beacon for all seeking a well-rounded and meaningful educational experience.

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